Our experienced team cover a wide range of services through to the management of the company facilities and assets detailed below. Whether it be guidance on investment into new projects or the team building experiences on a 100ft record breaking super maxi yacht, BHAG are here to add value.


BHAG are always looking to invest in the next great idea. Whether you are looking at starting up a company or looking to expand, we have experience in funding both national and international projects. The recent funding of the LEAP Legal Software acquisition of InfoTrack confirms our ambition to help the right companies expand their reach when at that right stage of their journey.


We have developed and enhanced a very efficient formula to identify your short , medium and longer term goals to ensure all areas of the business are co-ordinated and aware of the BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL. We know that the long term success will require navigation through multiple phases and everybody will be clear in their role and responsibilities in measured stages.


We want you to be as good as you can be and beyond. Our structured programme will take you as far out of your comfort zone as you dare to venture. Whether it be driving buggies around a custom built track or forming part of a sailing team, we want to expand the belief in yourself and find new strengths from within that will allow you to contribute the maximum to your team effort and customer benefit.