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BHAG Management 

We provide management support, facilities and services that technology companies, particularly small ones, could not normally justify.

Small technology companies and larger fast-growing ones often have difficulties bringing and retaining enough talent into their businesses. We help companies resolve these problems by:


  • Ensuring the strategic direction of each company we work with will deliver long term success. Ideally, they should have a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG). The strategic direction is key to making it a good place to be.

  • Helping the companies keep the strategic direction alive amongst continually changing dynamics, we encourage regular offsite meetings to allow the key people to develop the strategy. We provide facilities to make this happen.

  • Facilitating the companies to have fun together, this out of work stress relief helps build strong teams

  • Test the company’s products and provide feedback on quality issues. Most technology companies don’t do enough of this.

  • Setup boards and other management controls, when companies are ready for it. We try to ensure all companies or not over managed or under managed.

  • Help with employee share plans, we like to provide opportunities for wealth creation.

  • Help to raise investment funds.


BHAG Management provide services and facilities for a fee. Our companies choose to pay these fees because the services offered provide value to their businesses. Each company will choose how many services they use as each have different needs.



Level 2, 120 Sussex Street

Sydney, NSW 2000